About SEG

SEG has united a team of professionals in the fields of business management, law, economics, finance and compliance to solve complex and non-standard problems in the interests of our Clients.

Mission and principles

The mission of our company is to contribute to the development of businesses relationships  from different countries, increase the trust of partners in each other and  strengthen  friendly relations through the provision of professional services.

SEG is professionally relevant and always individually suited to each client and provides support for the entire period of interaction.

Comprehensive approach

The company's activity is based on the practice of coordinated work of lawyers, economists, financiers, translators and compliance specialists. You receive from our company the full range of services for business development, support and protection.

Client-oriented approach

Working with clients from all over the world, we choose the most optimal way of interaction to effectively achieve your goals, and our expert translators help to eliminate barriers to communication. Instead of ineffective, one-size-fits-all solutions, we discuss with you every option of our services and offer the best solution.


Our company is guided by strict standards of professional ethics of the company and ensures strict confidentiality of information received from you. Our experts are required not to disclose the information received from the Client under any circumstances and are obliged to do so in writing.

Advantages and values

Currently our company:


A major player in the consulting market


Supports a wide partnership group in Russian and international business


Has successful experience in international corporate and trade projects


Provides professional legal assistance to owners and business managers


Operates in Russian and foreign jurisdictions

experts on
our team
years of experience
in consulting
successful cases

Команда SEG – специалисты, которые любят своё дело и являются экспертами, способными эффективно решать сложные и нестандартные задачи

The team's expertise allows SEG to effectively perform tasks for customers that require simultaneous support of a large number of processes in different areas of activity, national and international jurisdictions, including the use of advanced information technologies.

Alexander Popov, General Director

Alexander Popov

General Director

Aleksey Chernykh, Deputy General Director

Aleksey Chernykh

Deputy General Director

Nina Ledeneva, Chairperson of the Moscow Bar Association SEG Pravo

Nina Ledeneva

Chairperson of the Moscow Bar Association SEG Pravo

Фролова Анна Алексеевна, Заместитель руководителя проекта (азиатский рынок)

Фролова Анна Алексеевна

Заместитель руководителя проекта (азиатский рынок)

Назерке Шалкар, Руководитель офиса SEG SHANGHAI, г. Шанхай ​

Назерке Шалкар

Руководитель офиса SEG SHANGHAI, г. Шанхай ​

Oksana Kazakova, Business Assistant

Oksana Kazakova

Business Assistant

Партнёры SEG

Мы благодарны нашим Партнерам, которые помогают реализовать нашу миссию и сделать мир лучше

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