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SEG – Consulting company in the field

  • Asset management, comprehensive support, and protection of investments
  • Raising finance for international trade operations


The company employs professional experts in business management, law, economics, finance, IT and compliance, capable of solving complex and non-standard tasks

Competencies of the Team allow SEG to effectively implement tasks requiring simultaneous support of many parallel processes in different business areas, in national and international jurisdictions, including the use of advanced information technologies

Effective management of SEG approaches each Client individually, organizes the process considering the competencies necessary for effective support of the Client, including the conduct and coordination of negotiations, maintenance of business processes, Project management

Asset management

— systematic process of upgrading and reinvesting the Client's capital in the most cost-effective way

As part of providing asset management services, SEG provides:

Expert assessment of the effectiveness of capital management

Modeling a sustainable capital management system

Formation of investment policy

Economic research, organization and support of investment programs and other significant commercial decisions

Identification of property, legal risks and development of measures to eliminate them in the existing business of the Client, as well as in the planning and implementation of the Investment project

Legal representation in state, financial and commercial structures

Attracting financing for international trade operations

Selection of financing instruments for international businesses engaged in trade activities

As part of this service SEG performs:

organization of interaction between Companies and Investors

advice on debt restructuring

international trade factoring

attraction of special-purpose commodity credit

attraction of direct investment in the capital of the Company

expert assessment of the financial and economic condition of the Company

Legal consulting

— professional activity of legal experts in order to maximize the protection of the Client's rights

As part of providing asset management services SEG provides:

Preparation and implementation of corporate actions in the interests of the Client

M&A transaction support and conducting pre-trial claims work

Conducting all types of arbitration cases and cases in courts of law related to the protection of rights and legitimate interests of businesses under contracts (agreements) with counterparties

Conducting a range of legal measures to protect the rights of entrepreneurs, executives and beneficiaries of business during tax and pre-investigation audits

International financial and trade consulting

— the professional activity of the expert in increasing the financial efficiency of the existing trading businesses of the Client, the organization of new international trade flows and commodity distribution systems

comprehensive assessment of the Company's activities
selection of counterparties and their due diligence
preparation and launch of international trade projects
development of financial models to assess creditworthiness
organization and support of international transactions
legal interaction with authorities on foreign trade activities


— internal system of measures aimed at preventing violations of legislation, preserving the Company's reputation, managing risks and reducing the negative consequences of their occurrence, establishing uniform rules and standards of conduct both within the Company and in relations with counterparties and authorities

In this area SEG carries out:

expert evaluation of existing regulations for the effectiveness of risk and threat identification

checking counterparties for reliability

conducting internal corporate audits (investigations)

identification of risks and threats to economic, own and information security

identification of causes and conditions of possible property damage

tracing lost assets

Our company pays special attention to the development of trade relations with Russia to the countries of East and South-East Asia, which are implemented through the representative office of SEG in Shanghai (PRC)

SEG provides the following services in this region:


SEG оказывает следующие услуги в данном регионе:


Legal consulting:

  • Registration of legal entities
  • Support of corporate and contractual work
  • Judicial representation

Financial consulting:

  • Opening bank accounts
  • Interaction with banks and insurance companies
  • Interaction with fiscal authorities
  • Attraction of trade and project financing

Trade (commercial) consulting:

  • Marketing research of export-import potential
  • Organization of international trade operations
  • Attraction of financing for international operations

Development of relations with business and authorities:

  • Organization and support of negotiations
  • Promotion of business goals with authorities
  • Handling special projects

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